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The meaning and use of the "control card" is confusing .. it needs a better explanation and it shouldn't be hidden away in a menu ..
      .. MH    2017-10-11
I have to admit you're right. The menu has been re-designed in the latest verison, so that the control card, or portal card, is easier to work with. And, the idea of it is now better explained in the documentation, hopefully.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (    2017-10-17

I like writing notes in a journal in a big text block, using the days of the month plotted out. However, I think the format used, a grid or a board or whatever you call, isn't flexible enough for a calendar. I'd like to be able to scroll between months, like on the calendar on the iphone, but keeping the text block; I don't need to see the hours of the day.
      .. MH     2017-04-10
The latest version of the program now has a calendar screen such as you requested !
I myself was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the old function for journal entry, and I finally found the time to code that.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (    2017-04-23

The function for moving cards needs some on-screen instructions; it's confusing!
      .. SK     2017-03-07
That's a good suggestion; I've added some on-screen instructions for moving cards.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (    2017-05-07

I'd suggest removing the button that checks for a new version and offers to download it. With that option removed, the program would have absolutely no link to the internet, which I think would be a good thing. Users would just re-visit the website when they felt the need to look for an update.
      .. Rob A.     2017-01-26
I agree with that suggestion, which I've received from several people, and will make that change in the next version. The user should have total privacy.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (     2017-02-02

Maybe the program should have an option to display notes in a list type format, like that used for the program's on-line documentation ..
      .. A.P.     2017-01-24
The optional list view is now available in the latest version of the program.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (    2017-04-23
As time went on, the code for the list view seemed to be not really successful, and not worth pursuing.
The documentation is now a .pdf file and no longer uses the list view. It still appears in the search and history screens.
      .. TH (    2017-11-10

The PHP code is simplistic and amateurish; it kinda hurt my eyes to look at it. I can see it does work .. somehow. But new programmers shouldn't read it, lest they follow its crude example.
      .. XS / Houston TX     2017-01-06
I'm willing to admit that the program does have an amateurish feel to it, but I think that my goal is modest enough that it doesn't exceed my ability. The program makes a virtue of simplicity, since that's all it's got, and delivers what it promised: a local, reliable database that is safe from the security failures that are common out on the internet.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (     2017-01-29

I think the Leitner screen could be removed .. i doubt anyone is acutally using that .. it's too much like work to make your own flashcards ..
      .. RH     2017-01-04
The Leitner screen has been removed from the latest version of the program, due to lack of interest, and to keep the program focused on the few things it does well.
thank you for your interest in note_space
      .. TH (     2017-04-23