note_space is a program for saving a collection of notes .
It has a very simple design that is flexible so that you can give your notes a layout that suits you .
It's a way to bring your scattered thoughts into focus .
 it's a very visual way to get organized

    here is a demo

  the demo is fully functional;
  your edits will be saved for a short time

 it's free, and open source

    here is its documentation (.pdf)

 it's secure; it runs on your computer

    here is the download
If you're very meticulous, you can create highly organized groups of notes .
If not, you can create a disorganized jumble of notes, and use search to find things .
Or, maybe some mixture of those two .
In any case, it's a cozy home for your written thoughts .

    here are some comments and
    suggestions from users

  if any help is needed,
  here's our email:

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